Head Trauma in Children

After hitting their head in an accident children can show — also after a period without any complaints — symptoms which indicate a cranio-cerebral injury (hematoma below the cranial bone, swelling of the brain, etc.). …

Mother’s milk is the perfect food for your baby — breastfed babies are healthier babies: natural, free, clean, healthy and safe.

Tips for Successful Breastfeeding

  • It may take 2–3 weeks to feel secure that your baby is thriving on your breast milk
  • Try to nurse your infant in the delivery…

Celiac disease is an immune disorder passed down through families.
Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, rye, or sometimes oats (including medications). When a person with celiac disease eats or drinks anything containing gluten, the immune system responds by damaging the lining of the intestinal tract. This damage affects…

Baby’s first food is breast milk or infant formula. Breast milk is the perfect food and is made especially for your baby, but infant formula will provide adequate nutrition for them too.

Formula milk is made from modified cow’s milk, however it cannot mimic human breast milk; which is the…

Dr Kathrin Foehe

Dr Kathrin is a Specialist Paediatrician who has been practicing in Dubai since 2008. She is originally from Germany and lived before moving to Dubai in Argenti

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